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The Aviation industry, like many others, is constantly evolving, in response to economic pressures, global pandemics, technological breakthroughs, increased competition, political uncertainty and more.

Our Firm has the largest aviation practice in the country with the largest number of international and regional airlines on our client roster. We offer thorough industry knowledge and extensive experience.

We advise on issues covering every segment of this industry. Our team handles a considerable amount of aviation and aviation related work ranging from:

  • litigation and alternative dispute resolution;
  • aircraft purchases;
  • sales;
  • leasing and financing;
  • aircraft certification and registration;
  • aviation claims;
  • personal injuries;
  • aircraft accident and incident investigations;
  • aircraft maintenance and airworthiness issues;
  • regulatory and enforcement matters;
  • securities offerings;
  • tax policies;
  • competition;
  • unmanned aircraft systems (drones);
  • insurance coverage and risk management;
  • international trade and licensing;
  • cargo and baggage claims;
  • Mergers & Acquisitions;
  • environmental issues;
  • airline alliances and joint ventures.

Both our Senior Partners have been Board Members of Uganda’s Civil Aviation Authority.

For a detailed list of our Airline clientele, please email kats@kats.co.ug

Key Contacts

Fred K. Businge
Alice N. Blazevic