Non-Profit Organisations

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Non-Profit Organisations

Over the years, we have represented numerous non – profit organisations and their boards of directors in different industries such as religious organisations, educational institutions and more.

We provide legal services to non – profit organisations and charities, some of which have social justice as their core mission.

The Firm routinely executes numerous instructions for Non Governmental Organisations (NGO’s) or non – profit organisations, both domestic and international, from their incorporation to raising financing, compliance with the legal and regulatory framework and actual monitoring of their performance and general legal work.

We also do a lot of pro bono work for various NGOs, human rights organisations and the Legal Aid Project of the Uganda Law Society.

Our work includes, but is not limited to:

  • Registration of local, indigenous, community based, self-regulatory, international, regional, continental and foreign organisations;
  • Assisting them in compliance with the law, for instance filing annual returns, renewal of the NGO permit;
  • Providing governance advice to non – profit organisations to improve efficiency;
  • Negotiating pertinent contracts with the non – profit organisation’s partners and vendors. We also assist with contract termination or enforcement of contract requirements with vendors, negotiation of settlements and release of claims;
  • Representing non – profits in contract negotiations with other entities;
  • Providing transactional advice including financing advice;
  • Providing advice with respect to employees and volunteers to non – profits;
  • Advising on immigration status of foreign employees;
  • Application for trademarks and utility models for the non – profits;
  • Advising non – profits with respect to minimising tax liability and securing and maintaining tax exemptions for our NGO clients;
  • Representing non – profits in litigation and alternative dispute resolution matters;
  • Advising non – profits with respect to real estate, for instance acquisition of land, leasing property;
  • Negotiating strategic alliance transactions with both for-profit and other non – profit organisations, such as collaborations, professional services, development, fiscal sponsor, and other inter-entity relationships.

Key Contacts

Ted N. Ssempebwa
Jane F. Akiteng
Yusuf B. Kanyike
Senior Associate