What We Do

We are a full service law firm providing any and all legal and related advisory services in diverse legal practice or business areas.
Our practice is divided into four (4) major areas:

Transactional & Advisory Services

The Firm has maintained a significant and pioneering presence in all areas of general and specialised transactional practice.

Most of the more challenging legal problems and assignments in Uganda have been handled by the Firm and many of our lawyers have behind them, a wealth of experience and backgrounds that have collectively enabled us to pool our resources and consistently give comprehensive advice; even in the most unusual or demanding circumstances.  Read More

Litigation & Alternative Dispute Resolution

We have built an impeccable track record in litigation and have been involved in several groundbreaking and landmark litigation cases that have shaped the legal landscape of East Africa, many of which are now compulsory reading at all East African law schools.

Our Firm’s reputation in this field is such that clients with major litigation matters who may routinely use other firms turn to us whenever the stakes are really high or where the work requires original and unusually complex input.

We have handled numerous arbitration, mediation, conciliation and negotiation proceedings and have secured countless out-of-court settlements on behalf our clients saving them precious time, innumerable expenses and other unforeseeable constraints of unnecessary litigation. Read More

Intellectual Property

The KATS team has a seasoned Intellectual Property department that negotiates property rights agreements, handles trademark, patents, utility models and copyright application procedures, declarations of use and their renewal. We handle protection of these marks, patents, copyrights and neighbouring rights.

Our credentials speak for themselves. We have enforced Intellectual Property rights in matters involving copyright infringements, trademark violations, licensing and exploitation country wide and internationally and have successfully handled the first unfair competition and predatory pricing action in Uganda. Read More

Business Support

In addition to the traditional legal services, our firm also provides additional Business Support services that our clients require in order to undertake smooth execution of setting up and handling the day to day operations of their businesses in Uganda. These include but are not limited to:

¤ Company Secretarial Services        |¤ Procuring of Work Permits      |¤ Private Investigations      |¤ Estate Management     Read More