As is the culture at KATS, we always seek to inspire, motivate and mentor law students and upcoming lawyers.

In our first law school visit of the decade, KATS lawyers descended upon the Uganda Christian University (UCU), in Mukono, on Friday, 24th January, 2020. The advocates offered career guidance and anecdotes to the law students on the theme, The Next Generation Lawyer: Opportunities and emerging areas of law.

The KATS line-up included Jane Akiteng, Alice Namuli Blazevic, Emmanuel Muwonge, Patrick Mugalula, Edwin B. Wabwire and Edwin Mugumya.

Jane Akiteng, challenged the students that as a lawyer, you communicate by the way you write, the way you dress and by everything you do. She further noted that being a lawyer does not stop you from being human and at times you have to ‘get out of the law books and offer practical solutions to problems.’

Alice Namuli began her presentation on a lighter note, informing the students that she is, also a next generation lawyer, with the audience dissolving into laughter. She cautioned her listeners that employers no longer limit themselves to an applicant’s physical documents to know who one is, but they also consider one’s online presence. Therefore, one should think twice before posting ‘compromising’ photographs on their timeline.

For his part, Emmanuel Muwonge shared that government service is rewarding, this is where he obtained his training and mentorship before joining KATS.

Suffice it to say, it was a lively and interactive afternoon with the students, sharing ideas, pontificating on the future of the law profession and more.

The KATS panel at UCU
Jane Akiteng at UCU