Entertainment, Media & Sports

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Entertainment, Media & Sports

KATS has done a tremendous amount of work protecting the rights of persons involved in film, television and music production. We protect the rights of leading singers and songwriters in Uganda.

Our lawyers offer counsel to directors, performers, producers, politicians, authors, radio personalities among others. We assist with contract drafting and interpretation, general tax and financial planning, investment strategy, recommendations. We regularly counsel clients regarding potential claims for defamation, invasion of privacy and advertising disputes.

We represent one of the leading newspaper dailies, the largest filming, editing and music production company in Uganda, the largest private commercial radio in Uganda and Uganda’s leading theatrical and music group.

We help clients to license, enforce and defend their rights to music, photographs, videos, films, graphics, trademarks, advertising and other modes of content.

We liaise with the Intellectual Property Team to  protect our client’s content by obtaining and enforcing rights to copyrights, trademarks and service marks. We also represent licensees and licensors in transfers of rights to content.

Our Louis Lwanga is the only lawyer in Uganda with a Master of Laws in Entertainment, Media and Sports Law which he received from Pepperdine University in the United States of America graduating with first class honours.

Key Contacts

Alice N. Blazevic
Arthur M. Katende
Principal Associate
Louis Lwanga