Our Principles

At KATS, our growth and reputation is built upon putting you, our esteemed client, first. 

This has been our foremost objective for the past fifty (50) years. We recognize that ours is a service industry, whose primary obligation is to help clients solve their problems by way of advice or dispute resolution. We are cognizant of the reality that you are the reason for our success and we commit to always focus on achieving the best legal outcome for you.


To provide quality service 

We deliver the highest quality, cutting edge and strategic services to our clients to help them achieve their goals. We are therefore constantly reinventing our practice and rapidly expanding to satisfy our ever-growing clientele and to meet your ever increasing professional challenges and requirements today.

To always be committed people 

We are an industrious, energetic and highly skilled team of professionals – attorneys and staff – deeply committed to serving our clients. We conduct ourselves according to the highest standards of ethics, collegiality and mutual respect and recognize that our reward depends on responding immediately to your needs.

To provide clear direction 

We strive for long-term relationships with each client that builds trust and confidence which comes from a thorough understanding of our clients’ industries and from our unwavering and single-minded dedication to service. We work together as a team, and maintain close contacts with numerous law offices from almost all the major capitals in the world to enhance the quality of our services. We are a member of LEXAfrica, which, as the largest African legal network offers limitless potential for our clients as it provides a gateway to Africa to companies seeking to do business on the continent.

To take responsibility for our work 

Each one of our clients is assigned a Partner. The Partner in charge has primary responsibility for the client’s work and dealings with the Firm and the Partner is assisted by a team of 1 – 4 Associates depending on the client’s and the transaction’s requirements.

To always keep in touch  

We keep our clients informed by email, telephone, letter, social media and fax as to the progress of their matter. We endeavour to send our clients copies of relevant correspondence and documents so that they are fully involved in the process. We expect and encourage our clients to call us at any stage to discuss progress and seek clarification on any issues.

To take pride in achievement 

Every day we work hard to earn our client’s trust by anticipating their needs and faithfully protecting their interests. We strive to create an atmosphere that challenges our lawyers not just to meet the client’s expectations but to exceed them; not just to respond to needs, but to anticipate them. We are accountable for the business we manage and enjoy our work and find fulfillment in doing it, and doing it well.